Selling Commercial Property

Do you own Commercial Real Estate? Now could be the PERFECT time to sell, with the Menas Real Estate Team here to help!

Selling your commercial real estate can be much more complex than you may expect. Buyers for Commercial Real Estate do not view your property with the hopes to build their family; they view your property as a means to invest and profit from the world of commercial property. Just like you did before them! No matter the reason you are selling, Menas Real Estate Team is here to help you through the process. Let our 30+ years of experience work for you!


Factors to Consider when Selling Commercial Properties

Curb Appeal

When potential buyers pass by your property, they need to see that their vision can easily become reality. When buyers see an appealing outer appearance, then chances are they will believe the interior is just as appealing. When they are driving by your location they only have a few seconds to decide if it’s worth investing in, so make it count.

Take Plenty of Pictures

Not every potential buyer is going to want to see the property in person. By taking plenty of high quality photos, you can reach more people online. If your property looks great in photographs and digital screens, then they are more likely to come see it in person and seal the deal.

Blank Slate

Do not have the remains of the previous business still lingering on the property. Buyers likely have their own vision, so creating a blank slate for them to work with allows them to imagine and believe your property is the perfect one for them.

Get a Professional Appraisal

Knowing exactly what your property is worth is paramount. Getting a professional appraisal can only help you in the long run. You can compare the price given by the Appraiser to the projected value of a property to help set a selling price for your property. This can even be given as back-up documentation to potential buyers to show proof of the value of your property.

Clean Repairs and No Damage.

A huge attraction to potential lease owners are minimal repairs and damage. If they have less work to do, then they can focus on more important aspects of their business. Sometimes repairs can take much longer than expected and can stall a new business. By saving them time and making sure all repairs are already done, it means the return of investment is much higher.

Negotiate A Long Term Lease With the Buyer.

When you find the perfect buyer for your commercial property, make sure to lock them into a longer term lease. This is the most profitable and beneficial option, so you can see your return on investment fast.

Selling your commercial property may seem daunting, but with the help of Menas Real Estate it can become a breeze. We can help sell your commercial property fast! Contact us to get started.