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Real estate mogul has such a nice ring to it that it’s a position to which many of us aspire. As your business becomes successful and grows you’ll likely realize that it is impossible to let the company mature while maintaining a personal involvement yourself. After a while it becomes too much to ask of any one person; instead, consider these benefits of hiring a property manager as explained by Menas Real Estate. Just like in a store or restaurant where it’s common to have both an owner and a manager, a property manager is someone who acts as your liaison for your holdings. They can be an integral part of your business thanks to the following reasons.


Screens Tenants

  • Whether you have a large property with hundreds of apartments or just a smaller place with a couple of units, you still want to only fill it with the best possible tenants; the kind that will flourish in the neighborhood and fit with the style of the rental. However, tenant interviews are tedious and time-consuming. A property manager can help screen those applicants, weeding out ones that don’t fit the credit requirements or other stipulations. Even if you want to make the final selections, this will at least provide a filter to dwindle down the list.

Rental Liaison and Problem Solver

  • This is especially crucial if you have more than one property. When an A/C unit needs to be repaired in the middle of the night, or an oven stops working on a weekend or holiday, the renter can call us. You aren’t bothered trying to handle repairs or maintenance on the house. We have contractors on call that we trust and know to handle the job for you. We are also there as a problem solver so you don’t have to visit every time there is an issue. More than anything we are here as a stopgap so you aren’t bothered with every little day-to-day hiccup.

Rent Collector

  • Unless you run a large property with an online payment system, chances are most tenants bring a check or money order to pay their rent each month. It’s best to have these collected by an actual person for safety’s sake. A property manager is a perfect option in this case as we can collect rents and deposit them for you. We can also make sure rent is paid on time and enforce late fees, so you aren’t the “bad guy”.

Markets Property

  • When units become open again, your manager can market the property to prospective renters. We know the market for the type of renters that will be drawn to the property and therefore how to advertise to reach the biggest crowd. We also know how to price the house so you get the most money while keeping the house empty for the shortest amount of time.

Allows You To Be Away

  • A property manager at each establishment allows you to continue to grow your real estate investments without having to worry about minor details of each location. You can focus of growth and we can focus on keeping your tenants happy.


You are only one person; don’t let that stop your dreams of growing your real estate investments. Keep in mind these benefits of hiring a property manager courtesy of Menas Real Estate.


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