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Most of us remember the Jetsons. Everything about their lives seemed so far-fetched, but today, many of those things are possible and we are now living in a high-tech world. And the benefits of getting on board are many. One of them is the higher resale value and desirability of a smart home. If you want to cash in on this opportunity, here are a few simple things that will bring your home up to snuff.

  • GET A HUB: Amazon, Echo, and Wink are three of the top sellers. Once you have this, you can start pairing up devices all over your home. Your capability is limited by your imagination and your checkbook, although many of these technological novelties have come down in price considerably over the last few years.
  • CAMERAS: The first thing that people probably want to install is a full range of cameras. You can see what the dog is doing while you work, what the neighbors do when the gate is left open, and what the delivery people do. You might want to check on the teenagers, the nanny, or simply let the housekeeper in while you are out of town. These devices are great for many things, and they add dollars to that home sale price. Install them indoors, outdoors, and even looking down the driveway.
  • HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS: The second thing that people want to use their smart hub for is protection. A few wireless window and door sensors, motion sensors, and even some fire and smoke detectors, and voila, you have a security system.
  • CLIMATE CONTROL: We have all seen the Nest commercials and many other brands have followed suit. These were the next logical step after the programmable thermostats were a hit. Not only do they recognize your life patterns, but they can be controlled with a phone app as well. So if you cranked the heat because your body hasn’t adjusted to winter yet, and you just remembered that you forgot to put it back on program mode, just get on your phone and do it from your desk at work!
  • LIGHTING: Phillips has created smart bulbs that respond to your instructions. These fun lights can be dimmed or even have the color completely changed on a whim from you.
  • COOKING: Yes, the Jetsons had it right. Today there are several smart cookers on the market that can be controlled or programmed from your phone. The June oven is a hot new technology, but even the old timer Char-Broil is getting into the game with their smoker. Traeger is also a hot item that has a grill with a brain.
  • CLEANING: Who doesn’t want a robot to sweep and mop? These devices have been around for a while and are quite popular. YouTube has several great videos of felines who have decided that riding the sweeper is great fun! Robotic cleaning is a growing line of products.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of options, these are some of the most fun and marketable. Of course, the Roomba will probably end up in your moving van! When you get ready to change your address, give Menas Real Estate a call. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Mobile or Baldwin County, Alabama, the Menas Real Estate team is here to help you! Feel free to ask us any questions you may have or schedule a private showing to a property of your interest! Call 251-348-7446​or visit

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