Fairhope, Alabama is a gorgeous, quaint, small city located southeast of Mobile, Alabama. Fairhope has a cozy, laid-back, small town feel and experiencing its downtown atmosphere is a perfect way to fill an afternoon. The commute to Mobile will take you less than an hour and if you decide to travel in the other direction, you can arrive on the sandy paradise of Gulf Shores or Orange Beach in about the same time.


What’s not to love about this unique, artsy, small town? If you ask around, most will say not much! In fact, Fairhope was recently named a ‘must see’ Christmas Town by Southern Living magazine and is known for its downtown shopping and its Municipal Pier and Park that overlook beautiful Mobile Bay.


Fairhope is also a part of the Eastern Shore, which provides many opportunities and outlets to paddle board, kayak, launch a boat, play in the sun or have a picnic by the water. Often, fitness groups such as boot camps or yoga classes will meet in the park to enjoy the scenery – and work up a little sweat! With such beautiful, natural scenery always on hand, many that visit and live in Fairhope are known to love being outdoors and make any excuse to do so.

Overall Vibe:

You may find yourself wondering, ‘does anyone here have a job?’ The answer is yes! While the city is full of artists, writers and entrepreneurs who make their “work” look easy and laid back, you can also see the fruits of their hard work and dedication in the shops of downtown. Local business owners also create some fabulous restaurants with the most amazing food, one-of-a-kind artisan shops and speciality boutiques for you to explore on a regular basis.


While you won’t find too many ‘big box’ retailers in Fairhope, there is a Walmart, CVS and Walgreens and many well known grocery and retail stores.


Median Income:



Fairhope’s biggest employer is one of the area’s regional hospitals, Thomas Hospital. Though the closest major city is Mobile, most of the locals like to stay where the driving is slow and the mood is welcoming but at the same time, they can get to the city within an hour of driving. There are many charming characteristics about Fairhope – they even plant fresh flowers on top of the community trash cans!  Also, the Fairhope public library is right in the city’s center which provides a great gathering place for residents.


Median House Price:


Local Utilities:

The city of Fairhope actually has its own power supply, gas, water and electric – you can find all your need to know at the City of Fairhope’s website, http://www.cofairhope.com.



If you are planning to have children, or already have school-age children, you’ll be happy to know the school system in Fairhope is well-respected. With a population of under 20,000 people in Fairhope, the class sizes are small, just as the town. You often see parents walking or riding their bikes with their children to the elementary schools or dropping them off in the car line –  Fairhope really is like the small, family oriented towns you’ve seen in the movies!



  • Fairhope Elementary School (K-3)
  • Fairhope Intermediate School (4-6)
  • J. Larry Newton School (K-6)
  • Fairhope Middle School (7-8)
  • Fairhope High School (9-12)

Annual Events & Things to Do:


Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival – a free event that takes place from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. during the month of March. This festival is in its 65th year and celebrates unique, talented artists and has become a Fairhope tradition that draws attention from all over the nation.  


Annual Witch Ride – always dreamed of owning your own broom? Well, grab your bike! The witches ride in Fairhope, prior to Halloween every year, and throw candy to children as they parade around downtown. Tickets sell out fast for this event, so be sure to set a reminder to register or just attend and enjoy the show!


Visit Lighted Downtown – just before Thanksgiving the town lights the downtown trees with a big celebration each year. They stay lit until nearly after Mardi Gras. The lighting of the trees signifies it’s celebration season in Fairhope, Alabama.


Movie in the Streets – happens only once a year in November. It provides the opportunity to snuggle with your loved ones under the stars while visiting with your neighbors. The whole town is invited to watch a family friendly movie in the gorgeous streets of cozy Fairhope.


Grand Christmas Parade – occurs every year in early December to welcome Santa’s arrival and jump start your spirit of Christmas cheer!